Another Facebook Scam

Well you know about the previous Dell Facebook scam? ( This one’s worse, but uses the exact same code, which does the exact same thing.

The theme now is that it claims to install “Profile Spy”, to help you see who’s looking at your profile, etc, but THERE IS NO SUCH THING. There’s only a few apps that really do this, but it requires your visitors also install the app, for the sake of their own privacy.

So… about 900,000 people have joined the Facebook group as of writing, and I reported it to Facebook again. We’ll see how long it takes them.

Here’s the link to the most recent scam – (you have to click on the “read more” link).

There was also another previous one before this one, but after the Dell one, involving “Crimson Labs” and a giveaway of iMacs.

Please! READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SAY YES. If anything looks suspicious or doesn’t make sense, well… 🙂

Dell “Promotion” Facebook Scam

Hi all,

I just wanted to alert you on a new scam that is going around on Facebook. It comes in the form of an invite to a group called “Dell Laptop Giveaway (1 in 2 people win one Laptop)” at

BEWARE! The instructions stated actually collects your entire friends list and spams them with this invite and in no way enters you into any sweepstakes. This is another classic example of a deal too good to be true. As of writing this post, about 47000 people have joined the group and likely fell for this trick.

Resolution: IGNORE the invite and help spread the word about it. Do NOT do what the instructions tell you to do.

EDIT (11:53 EST): Looks like Facebook took down that rather quickly after I reported it. But still a lesson to be learned about carefully reading what you see.

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