New Look!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to post any new discoveries, tips, etc. I finally got the chance to revamp the site a bit and through a random conversation with a few friends of mine, have a new name for the blog.

New name: “Structurally Sound” comes from an inside joke where we took engineering terms to the extremes, describing food packaging and transport.

New look: Based off of the “EOS” theme by SRS Solutions (link at the bottom), with a few CSS changes and a different background. I picked this theme to offer a much better layout and hopefully have better visibility of the content.

I’m also starting a new thing, and that is I’ll take tech questions and try and answer them for you. Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a topic to write about in the next post.

Happy 2011!

UPDATE: Reverting back to the old name because just one other person out there has another blog with an identical name. Back to the drawing board…

2 replies on “New Look!”

Is the Cisco E4200 wireless router worth upgrading to or is there a router with similar range and thoroughput that would be less costly? I’m currently using an old 802.11g netgear router and am looking to upgrade to 802.11n.

The E3000 should be sufficient for any simultaneous dual-band operation. If you aren’t even thinking about running simultaneous dual band, the E2000 is even cheaper and will allow you to select the 2.4 or 5GHz band.

The only difference between the E3000 and the E4200 is that the E4200 uses a 3×3 antenna configuration vs the E3000’s 2×3. In theory the E4200 provides slightly better wireless throughput, but personally doesn’t justify its cost.

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