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Ham Radio Category Added

It’s been a while since the last update, but I plan to post more often soon. In addition to the computer related topics like before, I’ve added a new category to the mix: Ham Radio. That’s right, I recently got my Ham Radio license (Extra class)! As usual, all things I learn, build, discover, etc pertaining to ham radio will be posted under here. This includes things such as emergency preparedness/communications/operations, electronics, and radio communications. Since there isn’t a lot of content here yet, it will all be lumped into one category for easier browsing.


Updates!!! March 23, 2011

Long time no see?

Just wanted to write this post to keep you guys updated on a few behind the scenes things…

1.) New domain :: dmach.net. Everything that was available from darwin-mach.net is now on dmach.net, which should be regarded as the primary domain for all transactions. It’s shorter and much cleaner to use. In other words, please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc.

2.) Mach Technologies :: The entire MTI website has been redesigned, including the client area. Give it a spin: http://www.machtechcorp.net.

3.) “Bye Maemo, Hello Android!” :: I recently got an Android phone. Feel free to ask me Android questions – as a matter of fact, the next post is an Android tip.

I’ve also heard requests for video tutorials on some tech stuff? Let me know in the comments below…

IPv4 Addresses Run Dry: Let the mayhem begin!

The last 5 blocks of the IPv4 addresses were given away this morning to Regional Internet Registries so they can assign them. But once they run out, which would be very soon, it’s game over for IPv4 operations, since no new hosts would be able to connect publicly. IPv6 adoption? So small that most consumer products out there still don’t support it. Also because almost all ISPs out there don’t provide it, or if they do, it’s just beginning as a “trial”.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/02/river-of-ipv4-addresses-officially-runs-dry.ars

Lexar Jump Drive Secure II Plus

So I picked up a new Lexar Jump Drive Secure II Plus (32GB to be exact)… And ran into some serious problems with it.

First, lets have a look at its design:
32GB Secure II Plus Jump Drive

Do you see that indicator on the front? Yes, that’s right… It’s a meter that shows the disk usage. The problem is that this meter must function in order for the flash drive to initialize and be readable to the operating system. Through some trial and major error, I found out it reads the first available FAT32 or NTFS partition. If one doesn’t exist, the flash drive simply keeps rebooting itself, rendering it completely unusable unless you can get it to create partition before it shuts itself down again. So if you plan on reformatting this drive, make sure you don’t delete partitions! Or, if you do, make sure you immediately create one afterwards.

Bad bad! Shame on you, Lexar…

Nokia n900 Gets Anticipated Firmware Update

It’s official! This is 1 day late for USA users (2 days for UK), but the much anticipated Nokia n900 firmware update PR 1.2 has been released! If you’ve waited to get the n900 because of some unsupported features, bugs, etc, wait no longer! PR 1.2 literally brings tons of bug fixes and enhancements.

Personally, the most significant improvement is freeing up rootfs space and the responsiveness of the system. It’s become much more of the phone it was meant to be.

Nokia’s also update their Ovi store for the n900, so expect to see more 3D games like Zen bind and Jurassic roller coaster come out this Thursday.

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