Dell Precision M6600 vs M6400 Hardware (Overview & Disassembly)

So here's my long overdue hardware review / disassembly "guide" of the Dell Precision M6600... (Thanks, Dell for the exchange upgrade covered under your [...]

Fix that slow BIOS Power-On-Self-Test! (Dell Laptops)

I installed 16GB of ram into my Precision M6400 the other day and it things ran perfectly fine, until I had to force an ACPI shutdown by holding the power [...]

Dell Precision M6400 Audio & Touchpad Drivers

Hello all! Just an update / followup to my previous post about the M6400 - you should be able to use the M6500's audio and touchpad drivers (they're newer, [...]

Laptop Audio

So, my laptop is a Dell Precision M6400. For a while now, I've been experiencing some weird issues with the sound card (IDT HD Audio) Some examples: - [...]